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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Online Home Plans

If you’re one of those not affected by the Real Estate crisis and you’re planning on already building your home, you might want to save yourself the time of going to the store and buying an architectural magazine to search for House Plans because you can actually do that online.

Before I was a gadget freak, I had this frustration of becoming an architect so I always buy architectural digests and some magazines of different Home Plans since I really just like to browse and search for maybe my dream home. So it came as a surprise for me that even though I’ve been a web addict for some years now, I’ve only discovered that one of my favorite past times (looking at home plans) can actually be done online. I was actually browsing the Log home plans since I am thinking of building some sort of rest house.

Anyways, back to the site, makes planning your dream home very easy. You can look for your dream home through the architectural design category or if you don’t have a specific style in mind, you can make use of their basic search which lets you search for plans based on square feet or number of bedrooms, etc. Other helpful online tools available on the site are a cost estimator software and a residential estimating software. Once you’ve chosen your dream home, you can order the blueprints online and even they even have a CAD package.

Anyways, this is definitely one useful site.

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