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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ah, to be young and have cooties. is a website that caters to your girl tweeners. Everything about this website screams “I’m a teenage girl!”.

Website Design

The website itself is mostly colored pink, the color associated with teenage girls and even adult girls who likes to feel girly (i.e., Paris Hilton). You can browse the website with cute icons at the top most side of the web page.

What the Site is about is a site for girls, specifically, the fashionistas. Budding designers would love this site as it allows you to create your own clothes and share them with others or even sell your creations. is also a social networking site for fashion designers. The site is like a virtual fashion community and members can view each others design, share or sell them. What’s great is that users don’t have to download any software as the site provides real Web 2.0 experience. Those with slow internet connection or those that haven’t updated to the latest flash player may have a hard time navigating the website.

Free fashion games - GirlSense

Aside from offering fashion design games, also offers different kind of games for tweeners. These are flash based games which also blend with the whole theme of the site: fun, cute, and wholesome. One of the fashion games, bad hair day, allows you to earn G-cents which you can use throughout the site.

Go Green

Girlsense is also concerned with the environment. Right now, they’re trying to create a green awareness among their users. Users can design green fashion items, green games, as well as join green groups and view videos. Users are encouraged to create shirts with an environmental friendly theme, i.e., save mother earth, etc.

Get discovered allows you to create your own boutique wherein you can show off or sell your design. If you have many friends and if you’re lucky enough, you’re boutique could get featured on the homepage and who knows, you might be the next top fashion designer. Hey, every body has to start somewhere.

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