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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Apple Patents Lifestyle Companion for the iPhone

Looks like Apple is bent to keep you off those weight loss products, meal programs, shakes and diet plans and just concentrate on using your iPhone. Engadget has pictures of Apple's patent applications, six to be exact, to turn the Apple iPhone or the iPod Touch into a Lifestyle companion.

The iPhone and iPod Touch has built-in accelerometer and Sony Ericsson and others already have some applications running on their phones with accelerometer such as a built-in pedometer that would appeal to those who frequent the gym. Some of the applications seen would help suggest workouts and diet plans but of course, since the iPhone is already open to third party applications, I can't see why even if Apple doesn't decide to go through with this, other developers can't. There's also one application that would let you make use of the iPhone's camera to scan bar codes on products, in case you're into calorie counting. Of course, weight-watchers already have their weigh watcher's on the go to help them with their calorie counting.

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