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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Atlantic Global Time Management Software

One of the widely used business management software is a Time Management Software. With a time management software, a company can have complete control of your human resources, projects, and costs by providing information real time. Atlantic Global's Timesheet Management Software is one of the most commonly used software around.


Atlantic Global's Timesheet Management Software has a web-based interface which provies you with a summary and detailed timesheet report. Atlantic Global also offers an automated web timesheet approval functionality as well as user defined notifications. The administrator will also have the ability to assign to users particular projects or tasks to work on as well as easily manage holiday and sickness leave. Management will also gain a lot of information for top-level decisions since they can track a project's progress by comparing the work don with the budgeted and estimated work.


A Time Management Software is an essential software to have especially if your company relies heavily on your human resources. Lower rank individuals who have access to the system benefits from the system since they can easily justify workloads and deadlines. The management benefits from the system by identifying project costs so that they can easily control any costs that is beyond the allocated budget. The system can also speed up your billing cycle and payroll processes by providing real time information of actual time and cost spent.

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