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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pay per click or Natural Search

Ever since I've moved to a new domain, I've been losing my search engine rankings. I usually get around 500-700 unique visits per day but for the past few weeks that has turned into 100-200 uniques. I know this was bound to happen since I've been doing my homework and one of the consequences of moving to a new domain is losing your search engine rankings.

There were some advertisers that have been emailing me to join their network and I was really tempted to do so in order to increase traffic but then, though pay per click (PPC) advertising is a good way to increase traffic, it's only recommended for sites that have something to sell. Honestly, THIS is a personal blog and I used to be not concerned with traffic but I don't think I can spend on traffic when all I do to earn income is Google Adsense and even that only nets me around $100 per month.

pay per click advertising is highly recommended for those who want to turn traffic into leads or sales. Pay per click advertising is very effective and will most of the time get you customers rather than from traffic from search engines. PPC is more targeted plus if you choose Google adwords as your PPC advertiser, you can get a LOT of traffic. Google is only like, THE most used search engine around and almost every site/blog has Google Adsense running on them.

But PPC combined with search engine optimization is the proven killer combo that can boost traffic to your site.

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