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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pimpstar LED Rims

Nice. Talk about REALLY pimping your ride. Apparently plain custom rims isn't enough anymore, you have to pump it up with more technology in order to really make people's head turn when you pass by. Pimpstar has come up with LED rims. Yes, LED!

Now this is the ultimate in cool. The Tires consists of colorful LED lights, microprocessor, and wireless modem so you can display virtually any IMAGE! YES! Any image! Be it a picture of your mom, girlfriend, favorite candidate (in case you've taken it upon yourself to campaign for them), favorite logo, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The software allows you to send the images individually so you have different images for all four tires or just one image for all four. The great thing is that you can even change image as you drive! Think about hitting on the girl in the porch at a traffic light with these babies. Ooohh, any guy could be a girl magnet. The Pimpstar LED lights even allow you to preload up to 6 images so they can change automatically at our chosen time intervals. These Rims don't run on batteries but makes use of your car electrical system so as long as your car is running, these babies are too.

Really, you can't get your car much more pimped up than this. Be sure you have a handy tyre fitting equipment when you install the Pimpstar LED Rims.

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slik0608 said...

where can i order the lights or the rims and how do i get the pics on the lights