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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A look at the Creative Zen X-Fi

One of the most popular brands in digital entertainment industry is a brand called Creative. Recently, Creative has announced a new product called Zen X-Fi. The Zen X-Fi is a digital media player that allows the users to stream music, download videos as well as photos from their computers over their wireless network. Unfortunately, it is not yet out in the market. However, Creative fanatics may expect the Zen X-Fi and may start purchasing the product within this month.

With the help of the Zen X-Fi, you can now hear the sound of your MP3 music as if it is fresh from the music studio recordings. And to make your listening experience even better, Creative has also included a pair of EP-830 earphones with every purchase of Zen X-Fi.

Of course, Creative wants you to share the listening experience that you will enjoy using Zen X-Fi. The product has a built-in speaker so that other people can listen to the high-quality music as well. You can also insert an SD card in order to store more videos, photos, and music to the player. You may also get to record voice with the Zen X-Fi’s built-in microphone. Aside from that, Zen X-Fi also has an FM radio integrated with 32 presets.

But Creative is not yet done with developing the Zen X-Fi. By August, Zen X-Fi will have a video converter so that you can covert your video files into another format that would fit for wireless streaming.

The 8 GB model of the Zen X-Fi can be purchased for as low as $149.99 only. Watch out for the accessories for the Zen X-Fi that will be in the market by next month such as the docking speaker system, the leather case, the silicon skin, an arm-band, and a screen protector.

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