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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FakeTV a new anti-burglar system

So how come this FakeTV reminds me so much of Home Alone? Some people, in order to deter burglars would leave the lights on in their houses, others put up a sensor wherein lights would automatically turn on when someone gets near their house. FakeTV has a rather crude idea and may be less expensive than just turning on your regular TV. This system works by making burglars think that there’s someone watching TV inside your house. FakeTV can simulate the light output of a real television, from scene changes, fades, and flicks or any on-screen motion, the unit turns on every dusk and can automatically switch off in four to seven hours.

So, what’s the advantage of FakeTV rather than using a real TV? Well, if your TV doesn’t have an automatic on function or off function, this one has, FakeTV also consumes less power, and in case a burglar is not deterred, it’s cheaper to replace rather than a real TV.

So, what will they think of next, FakePERSON a full sized cardboard cut out of a person that automatically passes through the window every hour or so? Hey, it’s also crude but probably more effective.

FakeTV company site
Press release

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