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Monday, July 21, 2008

E/pop web conferencing software

One of the great things that the Internet has given businessmen is that video conferencing has now become cheaper with web conferencing software. Unlike video conferencing wherein you need many video equipment and is often costly, web conferencing only requires you to have a desktop PC and a webcam. E/pop's web conferencing software is a fairly easy and cheap web conferencing software.


The e/pop web conferencing software installs in as easy as 5 minutes. Video quality is smooth and clear, but of course, it also depends on the video camera you’re using. You can also change the video resolution and frame rate while you’re using the software. E/pop’s web conferencing software also includes multiparty audio conferencing which means participants in the web conference can talk at the same time. E/pop makes it easy for you to determine who’s talking via live participant list.

Another cool feature of E/pop’s web conferencing software is the PowerPoint presentation sharing. You don’t need to upload your powerpoint presentations since it is shared over the web in real time. You also have the option to record your web conference and choose the appropriate format to your liking so you can playback your meetings to anyone who missed the conference. Your conference is also secure as E/pop uses Industry Standard SSL3/TLS.


The E/pop web conferencing software brings video conferencing at the reach of small businessmen without the need for any expensive video conferencing equipment. It can save you time and money rather than traveling to meet up with your clients.

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