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Friday, July 4, 2008

Host your Image or Not?

One dilemma I’ve been facing when putting images on my blog posts is whether to upload them directly to blogger or to link to them from other sites. Some of the traffic I’ve been getting is from Google Image Search so I want to optimize my images. Now the big question is whether hosting your own image or not would affect whether you show up on Google Image search.

Frankly, I thought the answer would naturally be the first. If you don’t host your image, Google will of course index the site that hosts the original image but from my observation, most of the image traffic I’ve been getting are from images which are not hosted on my blog. I guess the key is to put a descriptive word on the “alt” tags or at least a very descriptive image file name.

I’ve read somewhere that when you link to an image on another site, you will get indexed faster though I can’t really be that sure. Anyways, if you’re concerned about the bandwidth then it’s best just to link to the image on another site, otherwise, just host the images which you think are searched more.

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