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Monday, July 21, 2008

How to increase memory of Asus EEE PC

The Asus EEE PC is one of those great inventions of all time. It just goes to show that those big named manufacturers can actually deliver a product that is both cheap and reliable. However, one of the many limitations of an Asus EEE PC specially the 701 model is that it has very limited memory. The 8GB memory alone on the Asus EEE PC 701, is not enough specially when you opted for the Windows XP version. So how do you increase storage capacity of the Asus EEE PC? Well, here are some options.

Online Backup

There are many Online Backup sites on the web, one which I recommend using is For as low as $9.95 per month you can get an online storage space without lugging any portable media with you. Since the Asus EEE PC is called a “net pc” I’m sure you won’t have problems connecting to the Internet. Some of the features of includes backup scheduling, easy drag and drop solution, create subfolders within folders, encrypted data transfer, resume function when data transfer is interrupted, allows sharing, has proxy support, and has the ability to map your online storage account as a local drive.

Flash Drives

Because technology is every changing, there are now many cheap USB drives or flash drives available. The advantage of flash drives is you can easily move your files from one PC to another and some Flash drives nowadays are wearable so you won’t need to worry about losing it.

Memory Cards

The Asus EEE PC supports memory cards or SD cards. With memory cards as well as flash drives, you’re only limited to 4-8GB of storage space since I think that’s the highest capacity available nowadays, without burning a hole in your pocket. One main advantage is that memory cards can be easily transferred from one device to another so if you have a digital camera, MP3 player, or PDA that supports memory card, you can transfer your files easily.

Portable hard drives

The main disadvantage of portable hard drives is that they’re a lot more expensive than memory cards or flash drives plus they’re not as portable. The main advantage however is that you’re not limited to having 4-8GB of storage space but your available space can go as high up as 250 – 320GB.

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