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Saturday, November 3, 2007

A word of warning to cheating husbands

Just a small reminder to guys who’re cheating on their gal: beware of a woman scorned. Sounds like just an empty threat? Well, you haven’t really seen what damage a woman scorned can really do:


That was the car of a cheating husband, a Jaguar S-Type V8, after the wife threw red paint all over it. It also turned out that the car was registered in her name (talk about an idiot of a husband) so she decided to sell the car at car selling website in the UK. The website sells New Cars and offer Car Loans as well, anyways, she decided to sell the car in the used cars section of the website for half the price! You should really see the advert she posted it’s so funny. I’ve reproduced the ad the woman put up here:


Car Belongs To Cheating Rat Of A Husband. But The Idiot Had The Car Registered In My Name So It's Mine To Sell. The Car Is In Perfect Condition Except For Some 'paint Damage'. This Was Me, But Is Far Less Damaging Than What I Intend To Do To Him. A Jaguar Dealer I Asked Said The Paint Can Be Removed Relatively Cheaply. Nothing Else Wrong With The Car, Just The Cheating, Lying Piece Of Crap Who Used To Drive It And Used It To Pick Up His Tart In. But Don't Let That Put You Off.


So the moral of the story? NEVER cheat on your wife if you had your car registered in her name.

*This post brought to you by: BuyYourCar.co.uk

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