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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Mist by Stephen King

I've recently watched the trailer of The Mist. Looks like a really suspense filled horror movie. Though I'm not really found of a scary movie specially those filled with blood and gore, the fact that this is a rendition of a The Mist by Stephen King makes me want to have a look. I know that Stephen King's novels are not all blood and gore and would really tease your mind that you'll probably sleep with the lights on for several days.

Speaking of suspense, I'm reminded of a situation a year ago with my boyfriend. I live in a not so quiet neighborhood, there are actually gangs running around here at night and my boyfriend went home a little late and he had to walk to the subway. Well, he was mugged by two guys. They asked him for his money, cell phone, everything. He fibbed, saying he didn't have any, he was carrying a plastic bag at that time, he threw it at them and then ran back towards my house. I wasn't aware that this was going on, I just heard someone banging loudly at our door. I immediately knew that there was something wrong since there was something so urgent about the knock. I quickly came to the door and my boyfriend flew inside and locked the door. I was confused but I saw that he was scared. I asked what happened and he recounted everything. The two guys apparently tried to ran after him and my boyfriend said that he thought he saw one of them carrying a gun. I was scared for him, if I hadn't opened our door on time, the two guys would probably have caught up to him.

We immediately called the cops, a bystander said he saw the two guys ran towards the seedy part of the neighborhood. There were actually a lot of reports of people being mugged in our neighborhood. After that event, my boyfriend wasn't really the same anymore. I mean, he was more cautious, of course, kinda like he's always on the edge.

I felt sorry for him but I guess you would be edgy after your life was just threatened. After that, I just make it a habit of reminding him to go home early or letting him spend the night.

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