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Friday, November 23, 2007

Levi's The Original Phone (LSO1) Launched in Hong Kong

Okay, so a lot of clothing manufacturer are now incorporating their brand on mobile phones. First there was the LG Prada and now Levi's with their The Original Phone. I guess it's because clothing manufacturers are now realizing that mobile phones are now more than just a convenient device, teenagers are now incorporating their mobile phones into as their own fashion style.

The Levi's mobile phone was launched in Hong Kong. There's really no specs available in the web, all I got is a 2 mega pixel camera and an on board 64MB memory.

Apparently, the Levi's The Original Phone is also called the Levi's LSO1 according to mobilewhack.com. If you love Levi's better get this phone to go with your jeans, if not, good choice, there are a lot of good looking phones in the market with better specs.

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