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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Benefits of Owning a Mint Credit Card

Some people would shy away from credit cards saying that it would only bury them in debt, while it is true for those who cannot control themselves shopping, credit cards can actually be very useful and beneficial to you.

I have purchased several gadgets of mine using my credit cards, something that I probably wouldn’t be able to do if I rely on my cash on hand. Instead of paying $3000 outright for your gadget, you can actually spread the payment throughout one year, letting you use your money for other investment purpose or use it for more important payments such as your mortgage. And if you’re lucky, you can actually purchase a gadget at zero percent interest depending on which credit card you use.

Mint credit cards offer a lot of benefits. They offer 0% interest on purchases and 0% interest on balance transfers, aside from that, Mint also has special offers from time to time that can translate big savings for you. Last year, Mint has given their customers huge discounts from Chocolate Express, London Breaks, and high street retailer discounts. You can also get a credit limit of up to 7,500 GBP as well as manage and view your statements online.

So if you managed your account wisely, a credit card will not be a source of debt to you but can actually be a source of huge savings.

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