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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Sandisk Sansa View

SanDisk isn't really a well-known MP3 player manufacturer compared with Apple, Microsoft, and Creative but they do make reliable and cheap portable music players. The Sandisk Sansa View is the latest addition to their portable music line and is a follow to the e200 music player.

SPECIFICATIONS: Amongst the Sandisk Sansa View's specifications include; 2.4 inch TFT screen with 320 x 240 resolution, MicroSD/SDHC expansion slot, voice recorder with built-in microphone, and built-in FM player with 20 pre-sets.

ADVANTAGES: The greatest advantage of the Sandisk Sansa View over other MP3 players is that aside from having an internal memory which range from 8GB to 16GB, it can be expanded through the use of MicroSD/SDHC which means that the Sandisk Sansa view can have up to 24GB of memory (if an 8GB SD card is used). The Sandisk Sansa View also offers a good battery life..35 hours of audio and 7 hours of video, or so the company claims. The Sandisk Sansa View is also a lot cheaper compared with other mainstream MP3 players.

DISADVANTAGES: The design of the Sandisk Sansa View isn't really that eye-catching so if you view MP3 players as a fashion accessory, then stick with the iPods. Screen resolution is also so-so, sometimes colors appear a little bland. Audio-philes would probably notice the Sandisk Sansa View's lack of bass but average listeners won't probably notice.

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