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Monday, November 12, 2007

How to Get Rid of Termites

If you have a termite nest in your home, you might want to do something quickly before they infest your home. There are different ways to get rid of termites and some people think that they can do it themselves rather than call in a pest exterminator.

When people see a termite’s nest, rather than call in an exterminator, they would destroy the nest themselves thinking that it would solve the problem. Termites have different colonies and destroying one doesn’t mean that you’ve solved your termite infestation. There could be another colony just under your house or inside your walls.

Of course, a lot would hesitate calling an exterminator because some just couldn’t afford them. Keep in mind, though that do it yourself solutions may be temporary and is not a guarantee that you’ve kept the termites away from your home. At most, you might have just gotten rid of the more visible ones.

The most common way of do-it-yourself solution for getting rid of termites is a bug spray or over the counter chemicals that can be bought from Home Depot or other stores. There are several of them and they are a lot cheaper than hiring an exterminator. Read the labels and you’re good to go.

There are also commercial grade termite bait that can be bought from do-it-yourself stores. Termite baits can get rid of the pests in a less harmful manner rather than spraying chemicals, however, you have no way of knowing if it is taking effect or if the termites are indeed feeding on it.

Another do-it-yourself solution that doesn’t involve buying anything is placing soggy cardboard boxes near termite mounds. Termites would feed on the cardboard boxes as they love soft wood. Once termites start feeding on these cardboard boxes, you have to replace it everyday and get rid of it by burning the boxes.

Again, let me stress that do it yourself solutions may or may not work but they are just temporary. Never hesitate to call professional help and it is a good idea to save up for professional exterminators. Termites could destroy the value of your home and you could even end up paying more for repairs rather than spending for an exterminator.

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