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Monday, November 12, 2007

HTC Touch Cruise

First there was the HTC Touch, then there was the HTC Touch Dual, and now, the HTC Touch Cruise--how many reincarnations of this device are we going to see? Honestly, HTC is trying too hard to cram this HTC touch down our throats.

I really thought HTC was different from Nokia. I hated Nokia for the fact that they just can't put all the features they want on one phone and had to bring out new phones in installments, like "we're going to hold out an FM radio on this one and put it on our next phone", etc, etc. And now the Taiwanese PDA manufacturer is doing that same thing to their loyal customers. They should have just packed everything in on the HTC touch instead of matching the iPhone's specs and when it was obvious that they can't topple the iPhone they decided to reincarnate the HTC touch and they weren't satisfied with just one installment, they had to reincarnate it a second time. They should just improve the on their TouchFlo if they really want to compete with the iPhone.

Anyways, new features on the HTC Touch Cruise is HSDPA capabilities, built-in GPS, Windows Mobile 6, and FM radio.

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