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Friday, November 9, 2007

UK Broadband service

There are a lot of broadband services in the UK but in order to get the most out of what you pay for, you need to choose the best company that can provide you with the best broadband service and package. One company in the UK that offers broadband packages is BT.

BT offers three basic broadband packages. There first option costs 8.95 GBP per month for the first six months and 17.99 for the succeeding months for a span of 18 months. With this package you get a wired router, 8MB download speed with extra 5GB monthly download allowance, 250 Wi-Fi minutes per month using BT hotspots, and access to BT vision.

The BT option 2 broadband package costs 13.99 GBP for the first six months and 22.99 GBP for the remaining 12 months. You will get a wireless router, 8MB download speed and extra 8GB monthly download allowance, 350 Wi-Fi minutes allotment, and access to BT vision.

The BT option 3 broadband package costs 18.99 GBP, again for the first six months, and 24.99 GBP for the remaining 12 months of the lock-in period. Option 3 includes wireless BT Home Hub with BT Hub phone, up to 8MB download speed, unlimited monthly download, unlimited wi-fi minutes, and access to BT vision.

When choosing your broadband package, always take into account your internet usage and don’t be swayed by salesmen or ads as you might be paying more for what you actually use. If you’re only using the Internet to check email or download a few email attachments and video clips, option 1 is the best bet, if you use the internet to download a few music every now and then, then I suggest Option 2. If you’re a heavy internet user and you download movies, use bittorrent, download thousands of music, or play games online then you should go for option 3. Also, in order to test whether your service provider is truly giving you the download speed that they advertised, use a broadband speed test to check your download speed.

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