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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cool widgets for your blog

If you want to give your blog a little oomph, you should definitely check out the cool Blog Stuff found on One cool feature is a blog bumper sticker wherein you can put an HMTL image on your blog that looks like a bumper sticker. If you have a Mac or iPhone blog you should put their ‘I heart my iMac’ or ‘I heart my iphone’ bumper stickers.

There’s also a countdown timer you can put so you can countdown everything from days until Christmas, or days until your next birthday, etc, etc. Or if you’re just plain bored, they also have a lot of fun quizzes for you to take from the booze test that tests your knowledge about alcoholic drinks to a geek test that finds out how geeky you are, there’s even a calculator that calculates how much your dead body is worth, pretty cool and fun, definitely worth checking out.

1 comment:

Zealus said...

Funny stuff, especially bumper stickers. I'll use them on my blog