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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Microsoft Zune 80GB Black

BY: Philip Silva via Associated Content

The Zune 80GB is the 2nd Generation of Microsoft's Zune MP3 players and features a new navigation pad, as well as other features that can compete with Apple's new iPod line.

The New Zune 80 GB looks a lot like the Apple iPod Touch but with a circular navigation button. Unlike the Zune 30 GB, the Zune 80GB only comes in one color-Black, and instead of putting a touch screen on the Zune, Microsoft opted to go with an "innovative" touch control.

Microsoft has packed the Zune 80GB with a lot of features, mainly to compete with the iPod Touch. The Zune 80GB's large 3.2 inch glass screen will remind you of the iPhone, without the touch interface. Instead of a touch screen, Microsoft opted to give the Zune 80 GB touch controls instead. Users will have to flick the navigation pad to scroll through their songs or fast forward or rewind a track. Microsoft also added a wireless sync feature that allows users to sync their device with their PC without the cable, however, a dock is necessary in order to use the wireless sync capability. Aside from wireless syncing with your PC, the Zune 80GB can also wirelessly connect with other Zune devices so users can share songs, albums, and playlists. The Zune 80GB also has a built-in FM radio so that users can listen to their favorite FM stations. The Zune 80GB also sports an advance tuning capability so users listening to their favorite FM radio station can see the name of the song and artist currently playing, however, this feature is only available on select radio frequencies.

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