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Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Gift Suggestion: Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame should be on your list of gifts to give out this Christmas. It’s really cool and if I’m the one who will be receiving it, I know that I would truly appreciate it. I have some posts on my blog about some digital frames I’ve seen but I guess most of them are from PhotoVu. While PhotoVu’s digital picture frames have unique and customizable frames, they can be pretty expensive.

There are actually alternatives to PhotoVu’s digital photo frames. You don’t actually have to spend over $100 for a digital frame as other online websites and some merchants from EBay offer digital picture frames at below $100. One website that specializes in digital frames is They have a wide selection of digital picture frames that would suit any household decor.

The price of a digital photo frame would depend on how big its screen size, screen resolution, design, and other added features such as capability to playback MP3s or videos. Digital picture frame sizes could range from as small as 7 inch and the biggest so far is a 19 inch widescreen digital picture frame.

Cheaper digital picture frames would just have the standard picture slideshow, bland frame, with no MP3, video playback and remote. More expensive models could have WiFi capabilities or an internal memory. Whichever digital picture frame you choose you can always be assured that it will be a welcome gift at anyone’s home.

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