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Friday, November 23, 2007

HP Photosmart A826: Photo Kiosk Experience at your home

Now really, who would ever want a photo kiosk at their home? The HP hopes to bring you the home photo kiosk experience with the HP Photosmart A826.

Features and Specifications: The HP Photosmart A826 has a 7 inch touch screen display, larger than most compact photo printers in the market, it has a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi with installed memory of 64MB. You can print pictures via PictBridge or through memory cards. Supported media on the HP Photosmart A826 includes: memory stick, multi mediacard (MMC), SD Memory Card, SmartMedia card, XD-Picture card, Memory Stick Pro, and CompactFlash Card type I and type II, and can handle 100 sheets of 4R and 5R photo papers.

Advantages: The HP Photosmart A826 can print high quality colored photos and has a lot of features including viewing your photos in a slide show, putting frames on your photos, making captions, editing photos, and clip art. The per print cost of the HP Photosmart A826 can compete with other compact photo printers out in the market at 29 cents per print. Another advantage of the device is its large touch screen that enables you to get a more clearer and bigger view of your photos if you ever want to edit without a PC.

Disadvantages: Though the HP Photosmart A826 is branded as a compact photo printer, don't be fooled by the word “compact”. It weighs around 5.9 pounds and lacks any handle for easier portability of the device. It also has a very slow printing speed, a 4R photo took more than a minute and it also doesn't do well printing black colors, darker photos looked dull even on a high quality glossy photo paper.

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