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Friday, November 16, 2007

PhotoVu PV1765w

I've always wanted to have a digital picture frame ever since I've watched the first Harry Potter Movie. I mean, seeing a moving video clip on your picture frame is like a scene out of Harry Potter.

Anyways, the PhotoVu PV1765w is PhotoVu's 17" digital picture frame that has a widescreen display and supports 16:10 format. Though a 7 inch digital picture frame will look cute in any home, I don't have the same feelings about a 17" digital picture frame. I mean, 17" is just way too big for me and even if PhotoVu has custom picture framing to make your digital picture frame look as conventional as possible, I still feel like your living room would probably look like it has one of those LCD ads you see in the malls.

Besides, at $699 I could probably get a cheap LCD TV in EBay and then use that as a picture frame in conjunction with a PC or something. But if you have money to spare and you want your living room or family room to look different, then PhotoVu’s digital picture frame are probably the best ones in the market.


Anna Barker said...

Ireally fancy investing in a digital photo frame, but have to agree that I wouldn’t want one that’s going to dominate my living room!"..."

natalie1981 said...


Amen to that. :)

Anonymous said...

We have one of these in our kitchen. Two other family members also have them in their kitchens. It is great to watch old photos. It is a real hassle to set up wirelessly though. It loses connection to the wireless network if the computer is shut off and it doesn't automatically reset itself. It is a 15 minute project to reset it, you had better be a computer person. Software upgrades - read BUG FIXES- are $20. right out of the box. Pretty lame that they charge for software upgrades. Otherwise, they work fine and last a long time.