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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Artificial Rocks to Accent Your Yard

Okay so let me talk about the very first gadget in world history—rocks. Yes, rocks are gadgets, during the Stone Age anyways. Hey, haven’t you ever seen the Flintstone? Anyways most of us would view rocks as just some useless piece of the Earth but they can actually be used as a pretty good decoration. No, I’m not saying that you go out back, pick up a rock and place it on your mantle I’m talking about rocks that can accent your home.

Have you ever passed by a house that has this huge rock out in their yard that actually accents their garden? I have actually passed by one wherein they have their house number on a plaque and then bolted unto the rock. I thought it was ingenious and that they were lucky that their home already has a boulder on their yard since not most people would have the time to look for a boulder and place it on their front yard. Then I came across a website called Artificial Rocks Factory.

Some of the rocks with address plaques on some people’s houses may not be real rocks after all. Artificial Rocks Factory can make realistic fake rocks with custom address or welcome plaques. Though these rocks may look like 800-1,000 pounds, the artificial rocks are actually hollow and only weigh 50-60 pounds. They also feel real as they are made from cast stone products instead of fiberglass or polyurethane.

When you visit the company’s website you can view their twenty different models that are available and see a 360 degree view of the model from all sides. These address rocks can be bought for $199 with $50 shipping. The fake rocks with address signs can be delivered within 15-20 days while artificial rocks with a welcome plaque can be delivered within 7-10 days.

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