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Friday, November 9, 2007

iPhone widget that can view Microsoft Applications

If more and more companies are making useful apps like this, then sooner or later Microsoft Mobile will truly be dead. Glide Mobile announced that it added support for the iPhone so that the it will enable the phone to create MS word documents, view PowerPoint Presentations, edit photos, or watch and listen to windows media audio or video.

Other features of the Glide iPhone according to the company's press release are:

-- Access, edit, format, preview and share your Microsoft Word documents
on your iPhone. Formatting features include bold, italic, underline,
bullets, 40 symbols and HTML source editing and preview modes.
-- Automatically sync and convert all of your desktop Microsoft Word
documents for access on your iPhone.
-- Open and edit multiple Microsoft Word documents simultaneously on your
-- Create media rich documents on your iPhone; insert photos, music,
video, documents, bookmarks, calendar events and much more.
-- Import Microsoft Word, Open Office, Plain Text, RTF and HTML documents.
-- Export documents you create in Glide on the iPhone to Microsoft Word,
PDF and RTF.
-- Collaborate with others from your iPhone using Glide's non-destructive
rights-based collaborative document editing with integrated Email,
Sharing and Chat applications.
-- Deliver stunning presentations in the palm of your hand on your iPhone.
Export presentations you create in Glide Presenter to Microsoft
PowerPoint and PDF.
-- Watch Windows Media Videos and Listen to Windows Media Audio on Your
-- 35 Photo Editing Effects
-- Convert Photos to JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and EPS

You can sign up for Glide at http://www.glidemobile.com

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