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Saturday, November 3, 2007


High Definition Radio technology, like HD TV has been around for some time now and over 1,300 stations has already been broadcasting on air with the HD radio system. High Definition radio signals improves radio signals that AM radio stations will sound like FM radio and FM radios will sound like CDs. Unlike Satellite radio, HD radio technology is completely free, you only need to pay for the hardware, and thus enter the Sony XDR-S3HD.


The Sony XDR-S3HD has a 2.8W output power, frequency range of 530-1,710 kHz in AM and 87.5-108 MHz in FM, 6.6 cm speaker dimensions, 4 ohm full range 2.6 inch stereo speakers and cancel magnet system, and a speaker terminal of 75 ohm for FM and AM. Accessories that come with the Sony XDR-S3HD includes; a wireless remote, FM wire antenna, FM dipole antenna, AM loop antenna, and an audio connecting cable.

Features and Design

The Sony XDR-S3HD has a classic simulated cherry wood finish that can complement any d├ęcor in the house. The large backlit blue LCD display of the Sony XDR-S3HD has brightness, contrast, and display mode adjustments set in a mesh covered front panel. The stereo speakers have a simulated surround sound function and a built-in AM/FM/HD digital tuner and separate bass and treble controls. The Sony XDR-S3HD can also connect to other external music device via the auxiliary input jack so you can listen to your favorite MP3 tunes.

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