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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get Nickelodeon Gadgets for your Kids this Christmas

I love Nickelodeon as much as I love my gadgets so it's really cool that Nickelodeon teamed up with Imation to bring gadgets for kids. If I had a kid, I'd probably be getting him one this Christmas. Heck, I might even get one for myself. Check out these cool new Spongebob gadgets:

The Spongebob LCD TV:

How cool is this LCD TV shaped like Spongebob? It has a PC connector too! I'll probably replace my LCD TV with this one. I just love Spongebob.

The Spongebob Digital Camera:

This is a great stocking stuffer.

Spongebob Music players:

These would also make good stocking stuffers.

Wish someone would just send me one of these!!!!! (Preferably the LCD TV!)
For those thinking of buying one, these gadgets are available at Best
Buy, Nick Shop, Target, Toys R Us and Other Nickelodeon characters are also available.

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