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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Marriage Counseling in New Jersey

Let me just take a short break from my gadget blogging to write about Marriage. Yes, I’m writing for a sponsor but to tell you the truth, marriage is something that is important to me. I’ve been hearing about the divorce rate in the US and to see it rise every year and past the 50% mark is troubling. Honestly, this makes me think that Americans never really care about marriage. I mean, just look at all the Hollywood stars who seems to be gunning for the Guinness Book of records for the World’s shortest marriage *cough!Britney!cough!*.

Marriage is supposed to be sacred. When you say “I do”, there’s always the word “forever” appended to it. Sure, marriage is not always easy but that’s what marriage counseling is for. If you and your husband can’t work it out on your own, it’s always a good idea to bring a third person who’s neutral and who could point out what needs work on your marriage. There’s a Marriage Counseling in New Jersey that offers phone counseling locally and across the country in case you and your husband/wife can’t find a marriage counselor in your area. Save your marriage and help save “Marriage” for everyone.

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