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Saturday, March 1, 2008

UK Mortgage Resource is another mortgage resource site dedicated to answering questions regarding Mortgages in the UK. The website name is MoneyMagic and though their website name and their domain name doesn't have anything to do with mortgages, from a reading of their homepage, you know that this site is all about mortgages. This site provides information not only for first time buyer mortgages but remortgages, commercial mortgages, mortgages for people with bad credit as well as international mortgages. If you want to get a free quote to meet your mortgage needs, all you need to do is just fill up their mortgage enquiry form. Their mortgage enquiry form is a bit wordy, while other sites only asks for your email address, MoneyMagic also asks for your current mortgage value as well as the value of your property.

This site also has a mortgage guide though you won't really find much information there because it's still new and the site is only starting to build their mortgage guide page. You can help build the page by asking a question or replying to the lone question posted. Other interesting web pages on this site includes their mortgage news section wherein you can get the latest news in the UK regarding mortgages. The website has a very pleasing design and overall, easy to navigate. A word of advice, you might find your inbox flooded with spam when submitting your email to websites so be sure to create a separate account when you're looking for mortgage quotes online.

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