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Monday, March 10, 2008

E-Florists Inc.

Flowers are the perfect gift to brighten anyone’s day. Last Valentine’s Day, millions of flowers were probably sent around the world. Some would refer to flowers as blossoms but technically, they’re different. Blossom refer to the flowers of stone trees while flowers are a general term to describe the blooms in plants. But either way, they both make great gifts.

E-Florist is another website that sells flowers. Like most online flower shop stores, their flowers are categorized either by occasion, kinds of flowers or by price.

Website Design

E-Florists design is very simple and uncluttered. Every product is depicted by a picture so that you’ll know exactly what you’re buying. The pictures doesn’t seem to be photoshopped and I like the fact that they included the background rather than cutting the flowers out and placing it in a white background. This makes the arrangement look more natural and real, like you’re actually going to get the real thing.


The pictures of their flowers are neatly lined up and navigating through the site is easy as everything is categorized or you can easily search for the product you’re looking for if you have something specific in mind. Also, considering that every product has a picture, page load times is actually pretty fast. When you click on a picture you will be immediately taken to the item page where you can select your delivery date and add additional options such as balloons, chocolates, teddy bear or vase. I guess my only problem with this site is that their additional options are not quite pictured so you have no way of knowing what the teddy bear or vase will look like. I also have no idea what they mean by their upgrade feature as it is not adequately described.

Payment and Pricing

E-Florists’ prices are competitive with other online flower store. You can pay via credit card and their online payment processing uses secured SSL and is verified by Equifax Secure, Inc.

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