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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Internet Parental Controls

The Internet could be a very useful tool for your child's studies but if you leave them unsupervised, the Internet could very well lead them astray. There are thousands of hate websites and porn websites on the net and your child could accidentally stumble upon any one of these sites. The TV was similarly situated decades ago that's why TV manufacturers have set up parental controls. Now software like Net Nanny and Iambigbrother, can help you add Parental Controls on your child's computer.

The Net Nanny software can filter out any harmful websites that your child might visit by blocking IP addresses. The good thing about Net Nanny is that you can also choose which sites your child can visit. The Iambigbrother software is like a good “spyware”. You can capture keystrokes on the PC and monitor who your child has been chatting with, saving them from potential predators lurking in Internet chatrooms. The iambigbrother software is unobtrusive and is hard to detect.

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