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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ultimate Protection for your Laptop

A notebook or laptop is probably one of the coolest gadget ever invented. I know a lot of people whose laptops are almost like a part of their body. Naturally, good laptops needs a great laptop bag to be carried around with. Here are just two of my favorite laptop bags / sleeves.

If you're ultra paranoid that your laptop would be in danger of fire or water then get this HardBody Pro Laptop Case. This is the ultimate case out of all laptop shoulder bags. Not only is your laptop fire, water, and shock resistant thanks to its xEVA shell, it also has a stylish ballistix nylon finish.

And if you still think that's not enough, put your laptop inside one of Ballistix's laptop sleeves. The ballistic nylon on Ballistix's laptop sleeves was originally developed to protect soldiers from shrapnel and any flying debris caused by bullets and artillery.

Now if that's not protection, I don't know what is!

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