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Saturday, March 1, 2008

A brief word from our sponsors:

I know that with all the information on the net today, niche websites are the way to go in terms of SEO but I have to say, this website is VERY niche. is a website dedicated to—what else but, Oysters! I have to admit that I’m not really a seafood kind of person; red meat is more my thing and I never really thought that Oysters can actually be eaten. I just thought that you just get pearls from them, and that’s it.

Well, thanks to, I now know that there are not only Gulf oysters but Freshwater Oysters as well. If you love eating Oysters, you should try to visit this site. Though eating oysters can be healthy as well as a natural source of zinc, vitamin b-12 and omega 3 fatty acids, which by the way is good for the heart, you can also get a certain disease from eating undercooked oysters. The good news is, only certain individuals are at risk of Vibrio Vulnificus (the illness that can be gathered from consuming oysters) so healthy individuals can consume oysters, worry free. also provides you with recipes so you can eat your oysters anyway you want. So oyster-lovers, you just found your website.

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