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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bike that can charge your gadgets

Though way more modern than the nice beach bike over at

this ultra compact bike can charge your gadgets while you pedal. Talk about something you see on the Flinstones coming to life! This is the Everglide bike and it is the ultimate bike for those eco-friendly persons who loves the outdoors. The green thingy protruding out of the bike seat is actually a backpack. You can fold the Everglide bike and carry it with you whereever you go. And did I mention that this bike is ultra portable?

This is the perfect bike for first time hikers. If they ever get tired of walking, just snap the bike into place and it can double as a cargo holder. And the best thing about this bike aside from its eco-friendly and portable? It can actually charge your gadgets! While you're pedaling away, the frictionless magnetic dynamo on the Everglide can recharge your MP3 player, cell phone, GPS, etc. Though I don't know if you can recharge a laptop. You probably have to pedal for life if you ever have to recharge your laptop.

Via: Good Clean Tech

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