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Thursday, March 13, 2008

GPS holder

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The things they can do with a cup holder!

The trouble with having a portable GPS unit is that you’re limited to just placing it on your windshield and your dashboard. Now while this is the most common place to put your GPS unit, all the wires that goes from the unit to the car charger is a mess. Plus let’s not forget the spots that the suction cup leaves when you eventually transfer your GPS unit from one car to another. Also, if you’re in a State that doesn’t allow GPS units to be placed on windshield or dash, you’re limited to placing your unit somewhere where it isn’t very convenient. So what’s the solution? GPS Pal of course.


  1. Let’s you place your GPS unit on the cup holder of your car
  2. Conveniently holds the wires and cords of your GPS unit
  3. No obstruction on your windshield
  4. Protects your GPS unit from direct sunlight since it won’t be left on the windshield
  5. Convenient and allows you to transfer your GPS unit from one vehicle to another
  6. Doubles as an ACTUAL cup holder
  7. No more messy dashmounts


  1. Doesn’t fit all car cup holders
  2. Very expensive for a cup holder

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