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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Software

A brief word from our sponsors:

Yep, everything nowadays is down to an exact Science and computerized. Good ol’ board games can now be played on computers and now even games based on imagination has taken an even geekier turn. I’m talking about fantasy baseball software.

Those who are into playing fantasy baseball know how hard it is to draft players since it is mostly based on statistics. Sports Prophet’s software uses an advanced predictive modeling analysis. This technology takes into account such factors as draft strategies and player selections by competitor teams and then provides subscribers with the best picks for the given round and situation. What’s great about this software is that it can be access through the web so it’s available to you anywhere where there’s an internet connection. The player rankings are based on predictive modeling by PhD scientists and the software is automatically updated of major updates such as player stats and injury reports.

For some, winning fantasy baseball games does not only involve winning huge amounts of cash but also bragging rights. So if you want to up your ante in the fantasy baseball game, you should definitely give this software a go. You can get $10 off when buying Sports Prophet’s fantasy baseball software by using the promo code: BMC200.

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