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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Old Ford Fiesta

I’ve previously blogged about how Ford was going to introduce the Fiesta as Ford's new global small car. Well, even though the Ford Fiesta hasn’t reared its head in the US since decades ago, in other parts of the world, the Ford Fiesta is very common. In fact, if you check out car rental companies in Europe like Car Hire Portugal and Car Hire Germany, the Ford Fiesta is one of the cars being offered under their “Mini” car group.

Frankly, I like Ford’s Global Development Process concept wherein cars offered in Europe will be the same cars offered in the US, however, what’s the point of Global Development if other countries will see Ford’s cars first. Why not have a multiple region release like what mobile phone manufacturers are doing. Anyways, if you’re curious about what the Ford Fiesta looks like before it adopts the Ford Verve concept design, try renting one out when you’re traveling in Europe.

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Ren B said...

Oh, thought of leaving you some pics of the Verve. :)