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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Goldmund's Eidos 20 BD: The $16,900 Blu-ray player

Since Blu-ray won the format wars and all, naturally, companies are now churning out their own stand-alone Blu-ray Players. Goldmund came up with their own Blu-ray player, the Eidos 20 BD.

Some of the features of the Goldmund Eidos 20 BD includes an AC-Curator which can improve picture quality and sound though I why the need for that, I don't know, you can't get any better than Blu-ray. Goldmund's Eidos 20 BD also has a Mechanical Grounding construction which removes the vibrations on the player that can blur the video signals. The Eidos 20 BD also makes use of Goldmund's proprietary Magnetic Damper which lowers the player's reading errors.

The price for all these "high-end" features? A whopping $16900 for the Eidos 20 DB. All I can say? I could buy a whole bunch of Sony PS3s at that price.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Why is it so expensive? is it made of gold? =)

natalie1981 said...

Nope, just a bunch of "high end" features. I feel sorry for the sucker that buys into their "high-end" feature crap. :D