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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Online banking services

The Internet has made banking easier. You used to stand in line in the bank just to pay bills, apply for a business credit card, open an account, etc. Nowadays, almost all banking transactions can be made online. What the Internet has giving consumers in terms of banking is convenience. Now, mobile phones hope to give consumers an even easier way to do their banking transactions.

US Wireless Carriers are only starting to introduce their mobile banking features and in the UK, so that in can deliver mobile banking services to Vodafone subscribers. The rest of the world however, already have advanced mobile banking features. Not only can consumers check their balance, they can even do money transfers and use their mobile phones as “wallets”.

Cell phones are the new debit cards, with some mobile carriers offering “e-money” which they can transfer from one mobile phone number to another and even encash. Technology not has taken banking online but mobile as well.

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