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Friday, March 14, 2008

Traveler's Websites

If you're a frequent traveler you need to have a lot of resources handy so that you can save whenever you travel. Here are just two websites that might help you build those resources: is a website that can help you find cheap flights. While some online travel websites help you book tickets, that doesn't mean that the flight they have booked you in is the cheapest flight Travel fares depend from airline to airline and also whether you're traveling direct or not. Cfares can connect you to the lowest fares directly from airlines, major travel sites or industry wholesalers and offer you exclusive, below-market fares. Cfares also enables you to bid for your airfare so that you can always stay within your budget.

Saving on your trip doesn't just stop at the airline ticket counter. You can also save on your hotel and restaurant bills. is a website that can help you plan your trip. You can find the best or cheapest or a little bit of both in hotels, restaurants, or cruises from those who have experienced it first hand. Get the latest news and reviews of restaurants and hotels from Fodor's correspondents.

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