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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Beds and Mattresses Online Store

And here we have another niche shopping site: While most online furniture stores have a section for their Beds and mattresses, Time4Sleep doesn’t need a beds and mattresses section because every item they sell are beds and mattresses. I’ve always liked the whole niche marketing concept, after all, with the world wide web so vast, people are looking to niche markets to find EXACTLY what they’re looking for.

Time4Sleep has a very simple design and like I’ve said, there’s really no need for categories since all they have are beds but they have made searching for your perfect bed easier. Instead of browsing through their items one by one, you can easily narrow down your choice by materials used like: leather, wooden, or metal beds. You can also search for your beds by style like French or antique style beds. And if you really want to be specific, you can use the site’s Quick Search, just input the bed type, size, color, and your budget and press search. You can easily cut your shopping time using their quick search feature. Their prices are also competitive with other online furniture store and they also offer free shipping. There’s also a useful section where they provide you with tips if you have sleeping problems.

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