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Monday, March 17, 2008

Drivewear: Cool looking glasses for the motorists

Drivewear is a revolutionary glasses developed in 2007 by Younger Optics. Drivewear changes color lens color to meet different lighting conditions. It's like have separate lenses! Lens color vary from yellow green for overcast weather, copper in bright weather and dark reddish brown for brighter outdoor light. It also blocks UV A and UV B.

Drivewear even works even behind the windshield of cars so this is the perfect accessory for motorists. You can also get prescription lenses for Drivewear from your eyecare specialist.


Anonymous said...

I just went to see my optometrist and some of the frame/glass sales staff don't even know what Drivewear was. When the manager heard my question, he gave it negative reviews without saying why, told me he won't give me a satisfaction guarantee for the lenses. Also, his price of $260 (out of pocket for me) was way too much for me, and said VSP was not going to cover it. So, I got the regular RX sunglasses, but why are they discouraging customers from buying Drivewear?

olaf675 said...

I've been looking for inexpensive wrap-around Rx sunglasses, but I'm limited to regular frames due to my prescription. While learning of the advantages between tinted, photochromatic and polarized lenses I found out about Drivewear lenses and have been trying to find a cheap pair with these lenses.

I haven't found many reviews of Drivewear, but here's a positive review of the lens by an individual on a eyeglass companies blog.

Here's another positive review:

While looking at the comparative reviews of cheap eyeglass dealers on the web at I found three dealers with what appear to be great deals for Rx sunglasses, though I haven't seen any of their work first hand.

All three also offer tinted, photo chromatic (Transitions) and polarized lenses, but the last dealer offers Drivewear lenses as an $89 option. Elsewhere you'll pay $125 and up for Drivewear lenses depending on the dealer., who will offer me a 1.61 mid-index single vision, anti-reflective/anti-radiation coated (is the second part necessary?), gray polarized sunglasses for around $128. Price will vary according to the frames chosen. offers the same in 1.5 index (i.e thicker) for only $68. Price will vary according to the frames chosen.

I probably will purchase Rx sunglasses from the following with Drivewear: offers a pair of frames with Drivewear lenses for $128 (where the Drivewear lenses are an $89 option). With code 'GE407' you get a 10% discount.

I wish I could get a gray color scheme, but you're limited to only one color scheme (yellow/green to copper to brown/red) with Drivewear.

Drivewear only appears to be offered in 1.5 index (hard resin) and 1.586 (polycarbonate) lenses, which are a bit thicker than 1.67 hi-index lenses.

This page give a good example of the differences you'll notice with polarized brown and gray lenses in use --

Also see for benefits of certain colors with polarized lenses. The brown colors are especially good for driving.

Here are some these flyers and articles for Drivewear lenses

I hope some of this information helps someone decide between Drivewear and polarized lenses.

At first I was going to get gray polarized, but I'll end up getting Drivewear.

GlobalEye said...

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