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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wikinvest: a new investing research portal

If you’re a budding investor, but you’d like to do a little more in depth research about a company rather than just rely on their “about us” page, then this site: might just be able to help you. This website works much like any online Wiki Resource; people work together to contribute information and link to other online information much like Wikipedia. Some might argue that you also can get information about a company on Wikipedia—true, but Wikipedia gives just an overview while Wikinvest gives investors the much needed information investors are looking for so that they could decide whether to invest their money on that company or not.

Take this article on their research on Sprint Nextel. While Wikipedia’s entry on Sprint Nextel focuses more on the company’s service, the article of Wikinvest, tackles the company’s market, pricing, effect of the economy, etc. Aside from that, Wikinvest also have separate pages where users can put in bullish or bearish analysis of the company. A bullish analysis refers to an investor’s optimistic outlook about a company while bearish is an investor’s pessimistic outlook/analysis of companies. Research articles on wikinvest also has a real-time chart of the company’s stock movement.

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