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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Personalized Greeting Cards Store

With all the cheap laserjet printers, colored laser printers and photography papers available today on the net, some would probably wonder why there’s a need for a personalized greeting cards store or whether there are still a need for these stores. While printing personalized birthday cards have been easy, thanks to technology, it has also taken away the personality of these cards.

I for one feel differently when I received an actual greeting card that came from Hallmark and all than one printed on plain paper. Sure, sometimes, Hallmark cards can be impersonal, you just write the name of your recipient, sign and send but it goes the same for printed personal cards. CardsDirect have been making greeting cards for all occasions and they can personalize the cards for you. Their cards aren’t made from plain printed papers they make real greeting cards complete with sparklers, gold trims, and all. You can choose from hundreds of their catalogues.

They also offer a very simple way of personalizing your cards. You can type in your personal message, choose a color plus font style, you can even add some gold foils or your own logo and signature. They offer free shipping for their cards and they also offer personalized wedding invitations.

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