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Monday, February 25, 2008

Gadget Gift Idea: Howard Miller On Target Alarm Clock

And here I thought Howard Miller is just famous for their wall clocks. This Howard Miller On Target Alarm Clock is the perfect gift to be displayed on any desk. This one is slightly different from other Howard Miller clocks since aside from telling you the time, it also has a magnetic dart board. The magnetic darts can be quickly stowed away behind the clock in case you see your boss making quick rounds.

The brush silver finished of this Howard Miller On Target Alarm Clock will go with the modern office d├ęcor. This clock has a white dial with gray Arabic numbers and black hands with a silver alarm hand. The bottom of the clock is made of felt to protect your desk from scratching and since it’s from Howard Miller, it also has quartz alarm movement.

Now to the fun part, the magnetic dart board features a series of answers to help you with your decision making. The center, though I think is much rather big for a bulls-eye says “Go For it” plus several other phrases like yes, move on, no way, maybe, etc. If your boss has the same one lying on his desk, pray that a) he’s a good decision maker b) he doesn’t turn to this clock in deciding whether to keep you or not and c) he has a lousy target.

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Anonymous said...

Howard Miller clocks have a long history of being some of the finest timepieces you can buy. This would be a great gift for a special occasion!