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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A look at Spock.com

There’s a new search engine in town: Spock.com. Unlike Google or Yahoo, Spock.com is a search engine with a niche: people. It’s the first people search engine where you can search for people by name, e-mail, even by description such as color of hair, their job, etc. You can even find any Actress Singer on Spock.com .

Spock uses information from a variety of online information such as Wikipedia, myspace, blogs, whois information, etc. I was surprised when I did a search for my name and my whois information turned up. I was a bit concerned at first but I guess my whois information is public so I guess if I want privacy, I have to opt for that private whois thingy that Bigdaddy is offering. Spock may be a good source of information for finding someone you’ve just met but can’t get a hold of because all you have is their first name. You can just type in their name, description and the place you think may be their location and that’s it. However, Spock is fairly new and their database is not that comprehensive but if you tried searching for a person you know but they didn’t turn up on Spock, you can ask Spock to index that person once you’ve registered to their service.

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