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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

HP W2408 Review

HP makes good products with nice specs and comes in a variety of price range that can fit anyone's budget, like this HP W2408, but let's face it, their customer service sucks. And if you think that HP's customer service only sucks here in the States, you're wrong, it sucks EVERYWHERE.


First, the HP W2408 has a GORGEOUS screen. Colors are vibrant and alive and text readability is excellent. The HP W2408 has a 1920 x 1200 native resolution so be sure to set your graphics card or your settings to its native resolution to enjoy the optical quality of the HP W2408. The 1000:1 contrast ratio on the HP W2408 allows you to view pitch black colors, bright whites and vibrant colors, this is an excellent monitor if you want to convert your PC to high definition ready, plus it's HDCP ready so if you ever decide to pop in an internal Blu-ray or HD DVD player on your PC, you'll enjoy watching it. There are also a lot of connectivity options on the HP W2408, it has 4 built-in USB ports, and a DVI and VGA connection so its virtually compatible with any PC.


I'm a little bit disappointed that the HP W2408 only has DVI connection, it would have been great if they added HDMI since this, added with its HDCP capabilities would truly make this the ultimate for monitor for your High Definition Video-Ready PC. Viewing angle also fairly limited on the HP W2408, you have to sit at a certain distance and angle to appreciate it but if you decide to use it to watch High definition videos with your friends, some might complain about not seeing the pictures clearly.


The HP W2408 is still a great monitor despite its limited viewing angle, after all, it IS a monitor and not an LCD TV so it's designed to be used and enjoyed by one user head one with no viewing angles. If you're upgrading your PC to make it the ultimate PC for high def video viewing, get this one, otherwise if you want want a standard LCD monitor, the premium price of the HP W2408 over other 24 inch monitors is not worth it.

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