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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lead Managment Software

AIMpromote is a website that offers lead management software. Lead Management is essentially, a business practice that involves methodologies and systems that would lead to acquisition of new customers. While most companies use customer relationship management software, AIMpromote’s lead management software has taken away the complex features of traditional CRM software so that a company’s sales team can focus more on making that sale.

If you have an online business, one feature of AIMpromote’s lead management software that is not available on their competitor’s software is the integrated affiliate tracking feature. Rather than pay your affiliates blindly, without knowing if ever generate sales for you, the affiliate tracking will enable you to decide how much you’re willing to pay your affiliates based on the number of unique visits, leads or sales generated by them.

If your business involves generating leads for your clients, AIMpromote’s software will enable you to resell your leads. Also, if you use multiple websites to promote your business, AIMpromote’s web analytics feature offers a comprehensive analysis about those websites. It can track unique visitors, the page views, the percentage of visitors that filled out any inquiry form, and how many of those inquiries turned into actual sales. These analytics will help you decide which domains are profitable and which are just wasting your resources so that you can focus your campaigns on the websites that generate the most sales for you.

Check out AIMPromote’s comparison of features with their competitors so you can make a more informed decision

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