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Friday, February 1, 2008

Diet Pepsi Super Bowl 2008 Ads

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Have you seen the new Diet Pepsi Max Super Bowl ad? It’s hilarious. I just love seeing Pepsi’s commercial. I hate having to watch TV ads but I always look forward to Pepsi’s TV commercials especially during the Super Bowl. Anyways, in this new Pepsi commercial, you see people nodding off in just about ever possible situation and then with just a sip of the new Diet Pepsi Max, all of them magically perks up, and mind you, it’s not ordinary perking up, it’s one of those “I’m so happy, I’m on Prozac” kind of perkiness. People everywhere starts bobbing their heads wildly, which is really funny specially when the stars do it like Busta Rymes , Missy , LL Cool J, etc.

If you’re wondering what the background song on the new Diet Pepsi Super Bowl Ad is, it’s called What is Love by Enigma Haddaway . Another thing I love about Super Bowl Commercials is that when the ad includes a song, it’s instantly a popular ringtone, whether it’s MP3 or Polyphonic it’s probably even popular as a ringback tone. Never mind that half your officemates or classmates have it as their ringtone too, it’s the fact that you’re “in” this Super Bowl Season that matters.

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